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Arizona Hiking United States

White Pocket: Should You Visit with a Guide?

Are you dreaming of visiting the otherworldly landscapes in White Pocket, Arizona? Planning a trip to this remote area of the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument can be overwhelming!  Let me guess, you saw a photo of White Pocket on Instagram, or you saw the mind-bending white and pink rock swirls splashed across your iPhone screen …

Three lakes Tongariro Crossing New Zealand
Hiking National Parks New Zealand

Tongariro Crossing Hike – Guide to NZ’s Best Day Trek

If you are traveling through New Zealand’s North Island, and you enjoy the outdoors and hiking (and honestly what are you doing in NZ if you don’t?), then the Tongariro Alpine Crossing hike should absolutely be a priority in your plans! This was easily one of the best things Tim and I did during our …

Sunrise over Mount Ijen volcano in Java Indonesia
Asia Hiking Indonesia National Parks

Best Volcanoes to Visit in Java, Indonesia

Did you know you can actually visit active volcanoes in Java, Indonesia? Five hundred million people worldwide live within the vicinity of active volcanoes, thanks to the fertile land and natural resources that come with the area. On the island of Java, Indonesia, alone, there are 45 volcanoes. Though they can be destructive, they are …

Views of Fuego Volcano from camp.
Central America Guatemala Hiking

Acatenango Volcano Hike – Everything You Need to Know

A hike up Acatenango Volcano is at the top of many people’s Guatemala bucket list. The views are incredible, the hike is challenging, and it’s easily accessible as a long day or overnight trip from tourist hot-spot Antigua. You won’t find much information online about what to expect on the hike up Acatenango Volcano, and …