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Our Preset Pack features 10 Lightroom photo filters that we use the most!

Have you ever wondered how professional photographers’ photos always look more vibrant and beautiful than yours, even though you’re shooting with the latest phone camera technology or even a digital camera?

The answer is in the editing! But let me guess – you don’t have the time or interest to learn how to edit your photos yourself.

Enter: Our Organized Adventurer Lightroom Presets!

Here are just a few

Benefits of Our Lightroom Presets

How our presets

Transform Photos

Before Applying Preset
After Applying Preset

“I am really enjoying these gorgeous presets. They really make the blues pop in particular and help this newbie level up her photos for my IG reel. Easy to install (even for a tech-challenged person like me) and they pack a big bunch!”

Tiphini | @the_axplorers

Meet Your Lightroom Guru

Hi! I’m Sarah, an outdoorsy traveler and photographer. I started using Lightroom to edit photos on my phone in 2018 while traveling around the world full-time with my husband, Tim.

The more I practiced editing my photos, the more obsessed I became. To me, editing photos in Lightroom feels like unboxing a new toy. I simply love it!

I’ve spent thousands of hours editing photos over the years, both on Mobile and Desktop. I’ve used this passion and expertise to craft 10 presets that I use most often on my photos.

Sarah with Hoodoos on the Toadstool Hoodoos Trail
Tim and Sarah at Great Chamber, Utah

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get our 10 most-used presets. These are the ones we use most frequently in our photos. 

It should take no more than 1-2 minutes to apply our presets and make any needed tweaks to your photos. 

We recommend manually modifying the Exposure on every photo. Because lighting conditions vary in every photo, you may find that our presets make a photo too dark in some cases, or too light in others. When you purchase our presets, you will also get a guide detailing how to make this quick and easy modification on your photos.

YES!! Take your videos to the next level, whether you’re using them for your own personal memories or to create eye-catching, scroll-stopping videos for Instagram Reels, TikTok, or YouTube!

Lightroom is a free mobile application and you do not need a paid subscription to use our presets. If you don’t already have the mobile app, Google users can download it here. Apple users can download it here. For full access to all features in our presets, you can also use the desktop app which you can download here.

Note that you do NOT need the desktop app to use our presets – the free mobile app works just fine. If you do have the desktop app, however, some more advanced settings will be available to you. You can still get 99% of the benefits of our presets with the free version, though, so if you’re just starting out, we recommend going the free mobile app route! 

Because this is a digital product immediately downloadable, we are unable to accept returns or make refunds. If you have any technical issues with your order please reach out to us at so we can resolve your problem! We want you to love your new presets!

If you have any additional questions at all, please email and we’ll be happy to answer!

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