• North America,  United States,  Wisconsin

    14 Unique Wisconsin Dells Fall Experiences for a Weekend Getaway

    When it comes to unique options of things to do and see on a fall road trip, Wisconsin Dells delivers. With nearly a hundred attractions, both natural and manmade, packed into a small city 50 miles northwest of Wisconsin’s state capital of Madison and about three hours from Chicago, Wisconsin Dells is a perfect destination for a fall weekend (or longer!) getaway. Whether you want to relax in a top-rated luxury spa, hike among ancient Cambrian sandstone cliffs, take in views from the Wisconsin River, farm hop, or enjoy a wine picnic, the Dells has it all. If you’re planning a road trip to Wisconsin Dells this fall don’t miss…

  • Asia,  Sri lanka

    10 Day Sri Lanka Itinerary

    This 10 day itinerary through Sri Lanka covers all of the highlights for a comprehensive and efficient trip through one of Asia’s most up-and-coming destinations. Sri Lanka is one of our favorite places we’ve traveled. It’s easy to get around, it’s pretty laid back, there are incredible opportunities for observing wildlife in their natural environments, and the hiking opportunities are great. It’s also not yet so “discovered” by other travelers that you’ll have to share every place with a ton of other tourists – though Sri Lanka is justifiably becoming more and more popular! 10 Day Sri Lanka Itinerary Day-by-Day General Tips Self-Drive, Train, or Hire a Driver?  Sri Lanka…

  • Bolivia

    How to Visit Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia’s Famous Salt Flats

    If there is only one thing you do in Bolivia, make it a visit to the Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat on earth. But how do you even visit the Salar de Uyuni? The salt flat is in one of the most remote and high-altitude deserts on earth, with altitudes reaching 5000 meters thanks to the towering Andes Mountains range. Being in such an inhospitable environment, Salar de Uyuni requires advanced planning to ensure your visit is safe and that you get to see everything you wanted. This guide covers everything you need to know to plan your own trip to Bolivia’s famous salt flats. Getting to Salar de…

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    Best Ancient Ruins in Jordan

    There is so much more to Jordan than just the ancient ruins at Petra. Jordan’s desert landscape is home to the ruins of numerous Crusader castles, Roman cities, and Islamic fortifications. This guide to Jordan’s best ancient ruins beyond Petra covers the most fascinating sites you won’t want to miss on your Jordan trip.

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    Stray Bus New Zealand Roadtrip Review

    When Tim and I traveled through New Zealand for 2 months, we went with a unique bus tour called Stray. We had originally planned to rent a campervan and self-drive over the North and South Islands. After some research, I found a cheaper, easier option – buying a bus pass with Stray. What is Stray New Zealand? Stray New Zealand road trips are hop-on/hop-off bus journeys that cover the entirety of the country. They include stops at all the major points of interest and many lesser-known spots as well. There are a couple of companies that offer hop-on/hop-off bus passes that cover popular tourist routes (Kiwi Experience and Stray are…

  • Peru,  South America,  Travel Tips

    Alternatives to Machu Picchu – Cusco’s Inca Ruins

    In and around Cusco there are dozens of Inca ruins alternatives to Machu Picchu. Every traveler visiting Peru has heard of Machu Picchu, and it’s the rich Inca history and famed archaeological sites that pull tourists to Peru in the first place. As stunning as Machu Picchu is, there are many more Inca historical sites and ruins around Cusco and the Sacred Valley that are also worth visiting. You can actually visit 10 alternatives to Machu Picchu all for about the same price as a single day trip to Machu Picchu!  Keep reading for information on why visit alternatives to Machu Picchu, 10 alternative sites, and a cost-effective itinerary of…

  • Photo Spots in Madison, Wisconsin
    North America,  United States,  Wisconsin

    Instagram Photo Spots in Madison, Wisconsin

    I’m doing it guys – I’m finally writing a guide to the BEST Instagram photo spots in Madison, Wisconsin. Normally, I’m one to roll my eyes at blog posts claiming to share the “top Instagram locations” in whatever city. After all, we should be traveling to immerse ourselves in the experience, not check off a list of photo ops. But after coming home to Madison, Wisconsin from our 500 day round-the-world-honeymoon, I realized my city is hella photogenic! For better or worse, photography is a big part of the travel experience for many people. Likewise, so is sharing that experience on social media. Many travelers overlook Madison, Wisconsin, because it…

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    How to Travel with Anxiety Without it Keeping You Down

    I’ve lived with generalized anxiety pretty much my entire life, though I never admitted it to myself until one very scary panic attack I had on a road trip in California in 2013. Sometimes the anxiety keeps me in bed all day, making it feel impossible to function at home, much less travel. Thankfully, I’ve adopted many methods and tips that enable me to manage my anxiety, especially when I’m traveling. Whether you feel anxious only when traveling, or your anxiety is generalized like mine, these tips for managing anxiety and stress can help you make the most of your travel adventures, from the peaks of the Himalayas to the…